Bloomberg Hits Republicans and Democrats

In a slightly less animated format, Mayor Bloomberg expressed his displeasure at the congress' failure to pass a $3.2 billion piece of legislation that would have paid for health care expenses related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

"I think only a dozen Republicans voted for it and shame on the others," Bloomberg said during his radio show on WOR. "How can [you] go and preach patriotism and then when it comes down to it -- partisan politics. And on the Democratic side, it's even more of an outrage."

Bloomberg criticized them for bringing the legislation forward under rules that required the bill have a two-thirds majority of vote in order to pass.

"Democrats do have a majority. They set the rules. And they could have brought up this bill and passed it. There was a majority that would have passed it."

Bloomberg said Democrats brought the legislation forward under the stricter rules in order to prevent Republicans from introducing amendments onto the bill. Democrats, said Bloomberg, "didn't want to go on the record" voting against those amendments. "You can't have it both ways," he said.

"Democrats control the House. And if they don't want to control the House, turn it over to the Republicans," Bloomberg said. "But if you control the House, you have to have the courage to stand up."