The Lede: Kaye is Slighted, Weiner is Unhinged

Congress shoots down a $3.2 billion bill to pay for 9/11-related illnesses for first responders.

Anthony Weiner becomes unhinged after the vote: “I will not yield...The gentlemen is wrong!”

Lazio’s new video pushes Cuomo on Cardoba.

The Times calls Kaye’s findings “baffling” and “less-than-satisfying.”

McMahon fired the campaign spokesman who said their GOP rival is getting a lot of “Jewish money.”

Should Rangel resign? Crowley: “Ask Mr. Rangel.” Velazquez: “That’s a decision Charlie has to make.”

WaPo: "Republicans made no secret of their desire to use Rangel's troubles against Democrats."

Rangel makes the wood.

He’s also A1.

The Times looks forward to a public hearing on Rangel.

The Post hopes Rangel doesn’t cut a deal.

Rangel suggests he still may strike a deal to avoid a public trial.

The hearing began a few hours after lawyers for Mr. Rangel and ethics investigators struck a tentative deal that could lead to a quick settlement and bypass a public trial.”

WSJ: “Mr. Rangel seems to think he's no different from many other Members, save for sloppy bookkeeping. And he has a point.”

The probe of a powerful Harlem congressman is how Rangel got into office.

Podhoretz: Rangel floundered in rebuilding Harlem.

A Harlem resident fumes about Rangel. “"I'm probably paying more for my one bedroom than he is for the three apartments that he has.”

I'd rather see him retire.”

Scott: “[T]he sun began to set on Rangel's reign -- as well as Harlem's status as America's capital of black politics -- when Barack Obama won election in 2008 as America's first black president.”

The state budget hinges on SUNY / CUNY tuition.

And Kerr looks at the new ballot machines debuting Sept. 14.