Roundup: Rangel Deals, Paterson Regrets, Paladino Crusades

Unnamed source close to Rangel keeps settlement talk alive. “Just because this meeting happened doesn't necessarily mean the deal is dead.”

Rangel’s attorneys presented the Ethics Committee with a plea deal, according to PBS.

Quinn responds carefully to a Rangel question.

A Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania, Patrick Murphy, wants Rangel to resign.

Maybe Rangel’s settlement will establish a precedent.

Limbaugh: “I keep hoping that one day African-American politicians, ladies and gentlemen, will finally achieve racial equality and that they, too, will be punished for their ethical lapses just like people of no color are.”

One day after being cleared of criminal wrongdoing, Paterson says he regrets dropping out of the governor’s race.

I’m not sure he would have gotten past Cuomo.

Cuomo goes after insurance companies who may be “defrauding” military families.

Cuomo’s pension investigation against Hank Morris proceeds.

Thirteen charges against Morris were thrown out.

Paladino explains his opposition to the Cordoba Cultural Center. “It’s about the Islamists wanting to illustrate that they have conquered America by taking down the World Trade Center.”

Silver calls Koch old.

And Bloomberg tackles the “anti-success attitude that’s swept the media.”