New Releases, July 2010


It's the most wonderful time of the month!  For this program, John Schaefer presents the pick of the piles.  What we can see from here includes some Bosnian vocal music accompanied by accordion, Balkan brass band music originally from Macedonia, and Poland's Motion Trio (three accordions worth!) playing music by Michael Nyman. 

Plus, Dave Douglas & Keystone, takes his own brand of jazz in an electronic direction, done in collaboration with the filmmaker Bill Morrison, called "Spark of Being." There's also music from composer Sarah Lipstate, who releases music under the moniker, Noveller.  She presents loops of layered guitar, turned up loud so that they all achieve a ringing bell-like effect.  All that, and more.

PROGRAM #        3102, July 2010 New Releases  (First aired on 7/30/2010)                                                             





Michael Nyman & Motion Trio

Michael Nyman & Motion Trio

Wedding Tango, excerpt [1:00]

MN Records 117

Brass Menazeri

Vranjski San

Hajde Fato [7:15]


Amira, Merima Kljuco


Kradem Ti Se [5:25]

World Village 450012

Michael Nyman & Motion Trio

Michael Nyman & Motion Trio

Wedding Tango [4:42]

MNRC 117

Dave Douglas & Keystone

Spark of Being

Is It You [2:42]
Chroma [7:52]

Greenleaf Music  

Powerplant Import/Export

Gabriel Prokofiev –suite for global junk

GP’s “Last Wooden Dance” Remix [4:01]

Nonclassical 007


Desert Files

Almost Alright [6:08]

Saffron Records 001

Motion Trio

Michael Nyman & Motion Trio


See above.