Gross Distorted Product?

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Find out what do the latest economic numbers tell us about how things are going from Main Street to Wall Street – and perhaps more importantly, what don’t they tell us. Plus: As Congress adjourns for its August recess, we will look at some recent milestones; City Council Member Gale Brewer talks about NYC's new plan to battle resurging bedbugs; what’s up next for climate change legislation; a push to lift the ban on blood donation by gay men; and who has the best New York accent?

GDP Pulse Check

Diane Brady, senior writer at Business Week, and WNYC's business and economics editor Charlie Herman talk about the latest gross domestic product numbers and what they mean for the economy.

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Congressional Round-Up

John Stanton, senior writer at Roll Call, talks about immigration bills, campaign finance reform, the ethics charges against Congressman Rangel, and what else is next for Congress.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are coming back strong, but the city has a half a million dollar plan to help eradicate them. Gil Bloom, entomologist on the City’s Bed Bug Advisory Board, and president of the pest control company, Standard Pest Management, and Gale Brewer, City Council Member, discuss the return of bed bugs and the plan to rid the city of them.

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Climate Legislation

Dan Lashof, director of the NRDC climate center, looks at what's next for climate change legislation after the collapse of the Cap and Trade bill.

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Time to Revise Blood Donation Rules?

Nathan Schaefer, director of public policy for GMHC, and Mark Skinner, president of the World Federation of Hemophilia, discuss advocacy efforts to revise blood donation guidelines for gay men.

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Tawk To Me

Heather Quinlan talks about her documentary-in-the-making about the New York accent called "If These Knishes Could Talk" while Sam Chwat, "the speech therapist to the stars", identifies callers' accents.

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