Rangel's Response

All 32 pages of it.

Rangel’s office responds to the Ethics Committee’ statement of alleged violations. It’s the first official response Rangel has given into the matter. Part of Rangel’s defense is, he didn’t do anything wrong (that’s what he says about the four rent-controlled apartments).

In other areas, he says he wasn’t treated fairly and felt the probe was an attack on him, personally.

“The charges in the SAV [statement of alleged violations] magnify an issue about the proper scope of Congressman Rangel’s official duties into an attack on his integrity.”


"Although the Investigative Subcommittee compiled and numbered the exhibits for use when questioning witnesses, those numbered exhibits have not been provided to Congressman Rangel. Thus, unless a document is described in great detail in the transcripts—which is rarely the case—the reader is left to guess at the document the witness is addressing…Consequently, without the numbered exhibits, the testimony is not complete."