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Azi Paybarah

Paterson and Booker

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Here's a key point in Judith Kaye's report about Gov. David Paterson's role in the case of a domestic abuse victim deciding to drop her request for an order of protection against top Paterson aide David Johnson:

Booker testified that prior to speaking with the Governor on February 7 she had decided not to pursue the order of protection against Johnson.

On page 31, the report explains:

Booker testified that she did not realize that she had a court date the following day, and thought that the court date might have already passed. Booker testified that, in any event, she did not intend to go back to court because, among other reasons, Johnson “had left [her] alone” since the incident and she no longer felt a threat.

Booker is now renewing her effort to get an order of protection, saying, "It's the right thing to do."