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Azi Paybarah

Paterson's Q&A: Rebuffs a Rumor, Walks Away

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Gov. David Paterson took only a few questions today about the report from former Chief Justice Judith Kaye saying the governor did nothing criminal when he contacted a woman seeking to file charges against one of his aides for domestic abuse.

“I can’t comment on it because I haven’t read the report yet,” Paterson said.

He declined to talk about other related issues, like whether he’ll discipline any of his staffers named in the report, and if he regretted his role in the whole situation.

NY1’s Josh Robin got Paterson to respond to the theory/rumor that the governor called lawmakers to Albany today in order to take attention away from this report. Paterson teed-off.

“The legislature always finds a reason that they’re the victim,” Paterson said.

Here’s what happened when a Times reporter tried to ask a follow-up question:

Reporter: “This is maybe similar to what Josh asked you a moment ago –

Paterson: “Then I can’t answer it.”

Reporter: “But you haven’t heard it, governor.”

Then Paterson walked out of the room.