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Thongs Out and Fists Flying, Jersey Shore is Back

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After a five month hiatus, the eight 20-somethings who share a house with each other's egos, romantic dramas and hair products are back, and audiences are ready to drop their jaws.

For the uninitiated, the entire phenomenon that is Jersey Shore is as confounding as the show's catch phrases. See the Daily News' helpful glossary.

It wasn't an instant hit. The show drew early criticism for its representation of Italian-Americans ("guidos" and "guidettes" in the show’s parlance) and recently from New Jersey governor Chris Christie. MTV couldn't have predicted that  a love of pickles, fist pumping, or the trio of quotidian pastimes known at GTL ("gym, tanning and laundry") had the potential to draw the 4.8 million viewers that the season one finale did.

Now, MTV isn't afraid to pay for season two — cast members who reportedly earned $25,000 for an entire season will be earning as much per episode in the upcoming season.

Writer and blogger Meredith Blake says that the fake-tanned, thong-flashing Jersey Shore cast members know how to make the audience laugh.  "They’re like cartoon characters with their weird names," she says.  "I don’t think anyone is taking JWOWW seriously." Except JWOWW herself.

Here are some insights and parodies that do what Jersey Shore does best — keep audiences entertained.

DJ Pauly D, aided by a Rhode Island accent that includes exactly zero pronounced r's, shows off his "blowout" technique.

Perhaps you are considering taking the Jersey Shore look for a little test drive yourself?  See how Michael Cera's guido makeover went.

If Snooki is a cartoon character, she's not exactly Captain Planet.  This is her theme song.

Though Mila Kunis and Tom Lennon do their best, nothing could match the true burnt orange color of Snooki herself in a Jersey Shore movie.