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Azi Paybarah

Q Poll: Voters Don't Like Legislators, Don't Know AG Candidates

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Andrew Cuomo still holds a wide lead over his Republican gubernatorial challengers, in today's Quinnipiac poll.

Cuomo leads former Long Island congressman Rick Lazio 56 to 26 percent, with the race closest in the suburbs, 48 to 37 percent in favor of Cuomo. It's similar to Cuomo's lead over upstate businessman Carl Paladino, 55 to 25 percent, with the race closest in upstate where the split narrows to 44 to 34, favoring Cuomo.

But further down the ballot, things are more of a toss up.

Most noteworthy: voters are leaning towards ousting their incumbent legislator.

"53 to 35 percent [of voters say] their own state senator should be swept out of office in a general house-cleaning.  By a similar 49 to 33 percent margin, voters say their State Assembly member should go."

Only three percent of Democratic voters polled could name any of the five Democratic attorney general candidates. Kathleen Rice, the Nassau County DA leads that race with…11 percent of the vote.  73 percent are undecided.

So, expect to see lots of TV ads and mailers in that race in the weeks ahead.

Lazio leads Paladino in the Republican gubernatorial primary, 39 to 23 percent. But 33 percent of Republican voters are undecided (and Paladino has threatened to use millions of his own money to campaign).

For Senate, Republicans are leaning, slightly, more towards former Nassau County legislator (and one of the first candidates in the race) Bruce Blakeman, over former President Bush advisor David Malpass, 19 to 12 percent. (In June, Blakeman led by a razor thin 14 to 11 percent over Malpass.)

Blakeman and Malpass (and a third candidate petitioning his way onto the ballot, former Congressman Joe DioGuardi, who was not included in the poll) are seeking to unseat appointed Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

She leads them all.

Gillibrand tops Blakeman 48 to 27 percent, crushing him in New York City 58 to 17 percent. It's similar to Gillibrand's lead over Malpass, 49 to 24 percent, really trouncing him in the city, 60 to 14 percent.