#3100: The Road to Ruin

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For this program, instead of the high road, New Sounds takes the road to ruin. We'll hear music by Ross Bolleter for ruined piano, which the World Association for Ruined Piano Studies (WARPS) defines as "A piano [which] has been abandoned to all weathers, say on a sheep station or tennis court, with the result that few or none of its notes sound like that of an even-tempered uptight piano."

To that end, Bolleter made a recording of the 40-year old bar piano left to the elements on the Nallan Sheep Station in the Australian Outback. There’s also music for conventional piano, namely, WNYC's Steinway – only slightly and temporarily ruined- by Bob Samarotto. Then on to more music by Bolleter, as played by Margaret Leng Tan from her new record of works for toy piano. Plus, Ed Gerhard treats cheap pawnshop style guitars for strange vibrations on his record, “House of Guitars.” And more.

PROGRAM #        3100, On the Road to Ruin - Music for Ruined Instruments (First aired on 7/27/2010)                           





Victoria Jordanova

Requiem for Bosnia and Other Works

Requiem for Bosnia, excerpt [1:00]

Composers Recordings Inc. CRI 673, now New World

Margaret Leng Tan

She Herself Alone: The Art Of The Toy Piano 2

Ross Bolleter: Hymn to Ruin [7:06]

Mode 221

Ed Gerhard

House of Guitars

Try to Stay [5:35]

Virtue Records 1925

Jaron Lanier and Robert Dick

Columns of Air

After the Dust [5:16]

Future Tickle Music/Multiple Breath Music

Bob Samarotto & Zeitgeist

New Sounds Live, 1991

Robert Samaratto:“The Little Piano Book” [15:33]

This performance not commercially available.

Ross Bolleter

Austral Voices

Nallan Void [11:24]

New Albion Records 028