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Azi Paybarah

Bishop: I Already Returned Rangel's Money

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Not exactly standing with Rangel as the pressure mounts, Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop's campaign puts this out:

Yesterday, Chris Cox put out a press release "calling" on Congressman Bishop to return campaign contributions made by Congressman Rangel between 2002 and 2004.  There's just one problem with this request: Congressman Bishop has already returned the money.


In March, Congressman Bishop announced to several news outlets, including Newsday and the New York Post, that he would return contributions from Congressman Rangel, despite the fact that he hasn't received any since 2004, when there were no ethical questions surrounding Congressman Rangel. Congressman Bishop has donated the funds to help honor Suffolk County's veterans. A glance at the Congressman's FEC report, which is available to everyone online, will reveal that he made $10,000 in contributions to local veterans groups last quarter to help build memorials.  He is in talks with other veterans organizations to disburse any remaining funds.