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Starbox: A Mystery a Box

About 150 people gathered recently for a little face time with a mystery celebrity inside an 8x8 mirrored, Mylar box.

It was the first of four Friday performances of Starbox, the brainchild of experimental theater troupe Art.Party.Theater.Company.

The two-year-old performance group set up a their box in Bryant Park, and put a listing in Time Out New York announcing the opportunity to spend two minutes in the box with an unnamed star.

They rolled out a red carpet, had various actors play security guards, agents and bootleg t-shirt-sellers. And they waited for the crowds to arrive.

Tourists and New Yorkers alike lined up outside the box.  "It really shows how hopeful New Yorkers are," said Mary Brinbaum, Art.Party.Theater.Company's artistic director.

Last summer, Art.Party.Theater.Company did a piece in Bryant Park called Bryant in the Park. It featured a fictional croquet society playing on the park's lawn while spouting the poetry of William Cullen Bryant.

This year the company wanted to play up the glamorous, fashion-week aspect of Bryant Park. Birnbaum says the piece deals with hype and celebrity, and is just as much about waiting in line as it is about going inside the box.

WNYC caught up with people waiting for Starbox, which will be erected in the park for the next three Friday evenings. We talked to them about who they hoped would be in the box before they went inside, in that hopeful moment when the star could have been anyone.