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A Day in Our Global Life

If Ridley Scott gets his way, tomorrow may be one of the most documented in history. 

The famed action filmmaker has initiated a project called Life In A Day, in cooperation with YouTube and the Sundance Institute:   It is described as “a global experiment to create a user-generated feature film,” and “the largest crowd-sourced film ever made.”  Contributors are asked to document some aspect of their own actual lives on camera, showing “what it was like to be alive on 24 July 2010.”  The most compelling footage will be edited into an experimental documentary film produced by Scott and directed by Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald, to be aired at Sundance in 2011.

So if you’re not busy surfing, Facebooking, tanning, sailing, reading, snoozing, or any of the other dozens of Saturday activities, get out there with your camera and make history—your way.  But remember, the bar is high: Scott is the man who brought us Blade Runner, which could be described as Harrison Ford having a really bad Life in a Day.