Rangel's Ethics

Friday, July 23, 2010

WNYC political reporter, Azi Paybarah, and Capitol Hill bureau chief for Politics Daily, Patricia M. Murphy, talk about what Representative Charlie Rangel's (D-NY) trial before the House ethics committee means for his district and his party.


Patricia M. Murphy and Azi Paybarah

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g.e.Taylor from Bklyn., NY

Why should Charlie Rangel's constituents be any more rigorous in their demands for honesty from their elected representative than Christine Quinn's constituents?

Jul. 24 2010 06:47 PM
Frank Lotz from Fort Lee NJ

It is time for Charles Rangel to run to his dictionary and look-up the word HUBRIS.
It would even be better for his constituents to do the same and wave goodbye.

Jul. 23 2010 05:49 PM
Jim S from NYC

It's time for him to retire. I'm sick of these lifetime pols who seem to think they are above it all. It's also time for term limits. 40 yrs is too long. He is going to be a drain on the dems at a time when they don't need the baggage. He should think of the party and not himself. Let's just remember this... had Ted Kennedy put his huge ego aside and retired when he became sick (like any 70 odd year old with terminal cancer should do), he could have helped pick a replacement and the dems would now have a 60 seat majority. Had Byrd retired there would be an active dem right now when it is needed... no waiting for special appointments, elections etc. They all need to remember they represent the people, not their own interests. A point to the caller who wanted to vote for someone else but she didn't think there was anyone with experience... you have to start somewhere. The big argument against Obama was that he didn't have hands on experience which was true. He is doing ok. If a Pres can learn Rangel's replacement can learn.

Jul. 23 2010 01:16 PM
g.e.Taylor from Bklyn., NY

Self confessed embezzeler
(see, ; Christine Quinn retains her office along with the rest of her unindicted co-conspirators (the entire membership of the city council). The electorate of NYC similarly returned Mayor Corkscrew to office after he blackmailed and bribed the aforementioned embezzlers into reversing the term limits provision passed twice by popular vote.

Anyone in the mood for a cup of tea?

Jul. 23 2010 11:04 AM
dboy from nyc

Congressional term limits...???

Jul. 23 2010 10:37 AM

It's time for Rangel to retire to his island retreat.

Jul. 23 2010 10:26 AM
Clif from Manhattan

I think the older female caller said it all: that what he's doing is no different than what any other congress person does. To me, we're living in an age of corruption and materialism. It has become that status quo. I think Rangel is the example and that we really need to address this larger issue. Our system is horribly broke and NYC has historically been run on corrupt principals.

Jul. 23 2010 10:26 AM
scnex from harlem

It is clear that walking up and down Harlem and asking people about there rep. And saying that they want new blood is a joke. This so called reporter's report is bias, oh and not to mention he is creating airs..... listen to the callers....

Jul. 23 2010 10:21 AM
UptownDad from Harlem

He'll win in a landslide! Black folks love re-electing the criminal and convicted (Marion 'crackhead' Barry" in Washington DC and Sharpe James in Newark NJ). Black folks will rally around Rangel since "The Man" is trying to take him down.

Jul. 23 2010 10:18 AM

Perhaps we are all just tired of being governed by those who consider themselves above the law and us beneath contempt.

Jul. 23 2010 10:17 AM
David from Great Neck

Either he is an idiot and doesn't know or he is corrupt. I believe the latter because Rangel is smart as a tack. Remember how he didn't know about the rent-controlled apartments? Then he didn't know about the Dominican place?

It's a sorry end. And a tragedy. But his arrogance now will lead to sorrow. And as a Democrat, I know the Fox-Rush-Tea Party goons will use him to portray "the liberals" as crooks.

Jul. 23 2010 10:17 AM
Tom Crisp from UWS

Why has it taken until a few months before the election for these charges to come to hearing?

Jul. 23 2010 10:15 AM
Susan from NYC

Perhaps we are all tired of being governed by those who consider themselves above the law and us beneath contempt.

Jul. 23 2010 10:14 AM
dboy from nyc

How can someone who has been in his political position for that long, not be corrupt?

His hubris is astonishing!

Jul. 23 2010 10:14 AM
Harlem125 from Harlem

Apt. 10U is the Rent Stab Apt @ 40W. 135th St. that Rangel defined, published, registered as his campaign office for fund raising, general operations & campaign organizing for years. Anyone can Google this and see it's a fact. Rangel won't speak to this fact. This is own "un-doing", no one forced him to define this address with his political matters.

He's displayed his usual sense of entitlement & arrogance when questioned on anything he's uncomfortable with (1) He did this with Brian Lehrer in his last interview, (2) He did this yesterday with Luke Russert of NBC (The late Tim Russert's son), (3) He did this in front of his residence at that major press conference when he basically said he was entitled to have multiple rent stabilized apartments.

He's clearly demonstrated a personal sense of being above U.S. tax law, NY Landlord Tenant Law, he thinks he's entitled to circumvent anything of his choice and that he's a King.

Jul. 23 2010 09:55 AM

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