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Strong needs are met—and not met—in a diverse trio of tales.

The characters in the three stories presented on this program just want satisfaction—an apology for an old wrong; a good office chair; fly balls at dusk to keep the world away.  Strong feelings lie just under the surface in these very different contemporary tales.

In our first story, Brock Clarke’s, “The Apology,” two displaced, unemployed Americans want an apology from the Catholic Church for abuse they suffered as children, and wonder how much they have let an old wrong define them.   Brock Clarke’s include a novel with the fanciful title, An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England.  His latest book, Exley, is due to be published in October 2010.  The reader of “The Apology” is stage and screen star Stephen Lang.  

We had fun creating a SELECTED SHORTS evening focused on workplace shenanigans, office comedy and drama. Who gets the corner office, and who rates a fancy comfortable desk chair can be matters of great import in the white collar working world.  Joshua Ferris’s story “The Chairs” is funny cautionary tale.  It is read by the singer and actress Ivy Austin.

We complete this program with George Garrett’s “Feeling Good, Feeling Fine.”  George Garrett, who died in 2008, was the Hoyns Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Virginia, and his many books include Empty Bed Blues and Double Vision.  In this story, “Feeling Good, Feeling Fine,” Garrett pulls off the deft and amazing narrative feat of letting us know what will happen to his characters in the future, while capturing a memorable portrait of them at a present moment, when they cannot know what is coming, and we do.  This poignant and unsettling short story is read for us by Tony-Award winner B.D. Wong.


"The Apology” by Brock Clarke, read by Stephen Lang

“The Chairs” by Joshua Ferris, read by Ivy Austin 

“Feeling Good, Feeling Fine” by George Garrett, read by B.D. Wong


The musical interlude is “Fossils ” by Camille Saint Saens.  The SELECTED SHORTS theme is Roger Kellaway’s “Come to the Meadow.”

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