Congress Approves Legislation to Extend Unemployment Benefits

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This week, Democrats in Congress broke a Republican filibuster and passed legislation to extend unemployment benefits. 2.5 million unemployed people will get payments retroactive to the time they stopped receiving benefits. One of those is Michelle Ives, who got her last check in June, and has resorted to desperate measures while she waited for her check (including taking out a 35 percent loan on her car).

If you've been waiting for the extension, tell us what this means for your family and life? Put your answer in the comments.


Here's the latest update from Michelle Ives before the president signed the bill:

"I ended up having to get a $500 loan at 35 percent interest with my car title so that we could buy groceries and pay the premium for my health insurance. I'm hoping that President Obama gets the extension bill signed ASAP so I can keep my car."