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Azi Paybarah

Donovan Distances Himself from Independence Party

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Republican Attorney General Candidate Dan Donovan says he has taken himself out of the running for the Independence Party (I.P.) endorsement, citing numerous allegations of financial wrongdoing by the party.

Only one of the five Democratic A.G. candidates, Sean Coffey, has withdrawn their calls for endorsements [fixed]. Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo and Republican Comptroller Candidate Harry Wilson, both got the I.P.'s nomination earlier, and have not backed away from the party.

It will be interesting to watch what kind of friction this causes on the Republican side between Donovan and Wilson.

And it seems that Donovan is preparing to make the I.P. an issue for the Democratic A.G. nominee he winds up facing in November.

UPDATE: COffey puts out a statement applauding Donovan:

"I’d like to step across party lines for a moment and commend Dan Donovan for taking a principled stand on rejecting the Independence Party’s potential nomination.   No candidate for Attorney General should seek or accept this line while it is under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office on allegations of misconduct and corruption.  I was the first candidate in this race to remove myself from consideration and encourage all of my Democratic opponents who have not yet done so to do the same."