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Mix the Martinis: Mad Men is Back

This Sunday at 10pm, AMC’s Mad Men is back, along with its long pours of afternoon scotch and truckloads of unfiltered cigarettes.  Fans of the 1960’s drama (including President Obama) have their remotes poised to begin season four.

Though the show deals in the mores of the time – bald-faced sexism, racism and homophobia among others – season three closed with hints of the social change to come.  Big players at the show’s fictional ad agency split to run their own operation out of a hotel room and main character Don Draper awaited his wife’s divorce papers.

Blogger Kim Potts believes season four will take a new tack, adding more humor to the writing and honing in on life at the ad agency.  She says the boozy meat market of seasons yore has become a scrappy agency fighting for every dollar, changing the energy of the show. “One of the complaints that people had last season was that they felt there was too much focus on Don’s home life,” she says.  “There’s definitely a return to where we first jumped in with the show, in the office.”

Last season, there were Mad Men viewing parties at bars and in living rooms across New York.  For this season’s premiere, the press is buzzing and blogging, but for those Netflix-addicted New Yorkers without cable, it appears that a paltry few locations like Times Square and the Roosevelt’s Madison Club Lounge will be screening the show, though they haven’t published any press.

To get ready for season four, here are some clips as well as a few of our favorite parodies, (because who can help making fun of characters that take themselves as seriously as Don Draper does?)

Between the affairs and the summer houses, this promo for season four makes the rules of Mad Men sound like fun, complete with some of the best clips from all three seasons.

Roger Sterling, famous for his unfiltered one-liners, explains "what men do," or what they did in ad agencies in the 60's.  Conclusion? They drank.

Aprons, laundry and the faux British accents are the stuff of this parody of a Mad Men trailer. Oh, and sexism. That, too.

You think a show with tons of smoking, drinking and sex isn't appropriate for the Crayola-and-Play-Doh set? Sesame Street says you're wrong.