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Jennifer 8. Lee's Kindle-in-the-Bathroom

Jennifer 8. Lee, says there are three problems with having a Kindle. "One is that if you go to a book signing, what do you have the author sign?," she asks. And the other?  "It's kind of dangerous to bring into the bathroom or bathtub." 

Another problem for Lee is that it's not as easy to put her books on display.  "Some books that I've read on the Kindle, I've been like, 'I want that on my shelf,'"  Lee says. "Because it says 'I'm the kind of person who has read this.' The kind of books that says, 'I'm serious and intellectual and historical and race-conscious.'"

Lee, the author of Fortune Cookie Chronicles, has made the leap to e-books nonetheless. 

She took on a tour of her Kindle shelf and her real-book shelf, with its accompanying collection of Muppets.