One Sixth-Grader vs. The Invading Fish

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Invasive Asian Carp
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The Great Lakes' ecosystem could soon be facing a major threat by the Asian carp, an invasive fish. But the carp have a determined opponent: 11-year-old Ellie Moskowitz.

The Asian carp can grow to 100 pounds, and could severely damage the lakes' ecosystems if they invade the waters. Just last month, an Asian carp was discovered in a Chicago waterway, about six miles from Lake Michigan. The carp had apparently made its way through an electric barrier specifically built to block the fish's passage.

Moskowitz lives in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, not far from Lake Huron. She's concerned about the Asian carp's threat to the Great Lakes and decided to do something about it. She circulated a petition to turn Washington's attention to the potential problem and hopes to soon head to the nation's capital to champion the cause. Moskowitz enters the 6th grade in the fall; she joins us to discuss the issue, along with her father, Michael Moskowitz.