Report on CIA Abuses to be Released

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In 2004, CIA Inspector General John Helgerson completed a report looking at abuses inside CIA prisons.  The report has been kept a secret until today, when portions of the report are expected to be made public. 

For more on the details of that report, we speak to Siobhan Gorman, intelligence correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and Art Keller, a former CIA case officer who served in Pakistan in 2006.

You can read Siobhan's article, "CIA Faulted for Conduct at Prisons," at the Wall Street Journal, and Art Keller's blog post on secrecy and political accountability around Washington and the CIA, "The Buck Stops Where?"

A CIA inspector's report scheduled for release TODAY [MONDAY] is expected to shine NEW light onto harsh interrogation tactics used at CIA secret prisons.

For more on that report we're here with Siobahn [shuh-VAHN] Gorman, Intelligence Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. And we've also got Art Keller, a former CIA case officer. He served in Pakistan in 2006.