Crack Down on Teen Tanning Coming This Fall

Teenagers seeking a deep tan may have to rely on the sun and not the tanning bed from now on.

Heath officials say that, starting this fall, they will more strongly enforce regulation of tanning salons and gyms offering indoor ultraviolet rays. New York already bans commercial indoor tanning for children under 14 and requires parental consent for those between 14 and 18. Health advocates want to ban exposure by anyone under 18.

Dr. Clare Bradley of the American Cancer Society says tanning parlors are contributing to soaring rates of skin cancer.

"In this young group, they are at such risk because of their age, and we don't think they understand the risk and we don't think that they can agree and really understand what that risk is, because teenagers are risk takers," Bradley says.

Last year, the World Health Organization classified indoor tanning as a cancer-causing, equating it with smoking.