Why Do We Still Drink and Drive?

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Why do people still drink and drive when they know they're not supposed to? Lindsay Lohan is going to jail because she violated her probation for NOT learning that lesson ... and she's not alone. 30 percent of us will be involved in a drunk driving accident in our lives. Every 45 minutes, someone will be killed by a drunk driver. And at least 50 percent of drunk drivers will continue to drive drunk after having their licenses suspended. 

What's your take: How do you stop doing something you know is wrong?

Knowing the risks and potential tragedies that result from drunk driving, why do so many of us continue to do it? And is it time our laws get even tougher?

Eric Morris just finished writing a series on drunk driving for the New York Times Freakonomics column. He shares his knowledge and some unsettling facts.

Dan Hoge also joins us. A four-time convicted drunk driver, he’s now been sober for eight years. He’s the founder of Drunks Against Drunk Driving.