DIY Checkup: Assessing Your Mental Health

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50 million Americans will suffer from a mental health issue this year. But only a quarter of them will seek treatment from a mental health professional. And one in three mental health consumers in the United States report being turned down for a job once their psychiatric status became known.

Share your story: How do you maintain your peace of mind? Have you been able to find good therapy for mental health issues?

On Facebook, Katie Drake writes us:

How I keep my peace of mind: 1. Dancing 2. By periodically making a priority checklist. 3. By not feeling ashamed of talking to a professional. 

How I encourage others to maintain their peace of mind: 1. Encouraging them to keep dancing. 2. Reminding them that their yoga instructor, dance teacher, bartender, etc... is not a health-care professional and cannot solve all of their problems. 3. Listening.

And Adriana Perry writes:

Peace of mind: exercise, meditation, low dose of drinks and be compassionate with yourself and everyone else.

Newsweek health reporter Kate Dailey says the stigma associated with having a mental health problem is still preventing people from seeking out helpful treatment. However, many people often don't even recognize that they need help. 

Harvard psychologist Richard McNally says there's no clear boundary between mental health and mental illness, but if a problem persists and it's affecting your everyday life, it might be time to go talk to a professional. McNally is studying new ways to treat anxiety disorders with simple computer programs. He hopes these forms of treatment could eventually be administered in people's homes and be used to expand access to care.