Fact and Fiction in 'Inception'

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Today, the widely anticipated sci-fi thriller "Inception" hits movie theaters nationwide.

Directed by Christopher Nolan of “Memento” and “Dark Knight” fame, it’s been the source of buzz and speculation for months – despite the fact that most of us know only three things about the film:

  1. That it involves dreams or thoughts being stolen
  2. That it has a lot of special effects
  3. That it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page

Rafer Guzman, Takeaway contributor and film critic for Newsday, explains what it's really all about, and whether it's worth seeing.

And, as a special treat, we’re also joined by dream scientist Robert Hoss. Hoss is a director of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and Director of the Dream Science Foundation. He says that there are ways to get inside each other's dreams, although it's not quite the way that DiCaprio does this in the film.