Court Spikes Jets Fan's 'Spygate' Lawsuit

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Football fans upset by the New England Patriots' secret videotaping of their opponents' signals -- dubbed "Spygate" -- can't seek legal damages.  That's the ruling of a U.S. Appeals Court today, upholding the dismissal of a suit by New York Jets season ticket holder Carl Mayer.

Mayer had argued that fans spent large sums to see games that were essentially rigged, and he sought $185 million in damages for Jets fans. But the 3rd Circuit Court, while saying it didn't condone the Patriots' actions, found that Mayer didn't prove any legal right to damages.

The NFL levied a $750,000 fine against the Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick after they were caught taping signals at the Jets' 2007 home opener in Giants Stadium.

The Patriots went on to win 38-14.

Mayer and his lawyer once worked for consumer advocate Ralph Nader and consider "Spygate" a consumer-fraud case.