Classic City Skate Spot to Close

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(Photo by Margaret Teich)

(Photo by Margaret Teich)

The city is shutting down the Brooklyn Banks, a beloved Manhattan skate park that's been a destination for visiting skateboarders since it was built in the early 1970s.

The Department of Transportation say the skate park will be closed until 2014 due to maintenance on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Skater Fred Liuzeir says the Banks has a unique appeal. 'There's nothing like this anywhere in the world. I'm from Montreal, and I've always wanted to come here,' he says.

Until the park reopens, one skater, Ryan Oglevey, says he and his friends will find other places to skate. 'I mean, there's tons of spots in the city. It's just a shame. And if they don't bring it back better there's definitely going to be more of an uproar than there is right now, guaranteed,' Oglevey says.

Skaters have flocked to the brick park tucked under the West Side of the Brooklyn Bridge because of the banking walls, which are perfect for kick-flips. But, Manhattan skateboarder Renroy Chase says there's another incentive for skating the Banks.

'A lot of people, a lot of great pros came to this park because there's a lot of recognition. If you're seen at the Banks it's like being seen in the MoMA. Now that it's going to be closed it's going to be a little bit of an issue of where will the skaters be displaced to. Skateboarders need to skate,' Chase says.

Check out the Banks in the classic skate video Future Primitive.