Times Square Reopens

Despite the car bomb discovered in Times Square last night, and the resulting police presence and 10-hour closure of several major thoroughfares, by early this morning traffic had been restored and crowds were thronging the area.

Rita Kirkpatrick and her husband were in town from Massachusetts. They missed a play last night because of the incident but were impressed by the police response.

"I think most people are very much alert as to what's going on around them," Kirkpatrick says. "I don't feel unsafe. This will not change my mind about coming back to New York at all."

Street vendor Duane Jackson noticed the empty vehicle's ignition was on before a police officer arrived. But he never thought he was in danger.

"Not at all -- I never thought that it was anything tied to anything else other than this car was possibly going to catch fire," Jackson says.

At a press conference Sunday afternoon, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the incident is "a sober reminder that New York is clearly a target of people who want to come here and do us harm." He called the New Yorkers and tourists who have already returned to the area "tough, resilient people.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be in Times Square this evening to meet with the officer who arrived on the scene.

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