Monserrate Defends "Sí, Se Puede," DNC Says No You Can't

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The Democratic National Committee wants former Queens state senator, Hiram Monserrate, to stop using Barack Obama's 2008 campaign logo. The DNC has asked Monserrate to cease using campaign material with a circular, striped image with the slogan 'Yes we can,' in English and Spanish. Monserrate says the image is not the letter 'O' and that the DNC should take a close look.

'This logo is similar to the slogan that they used, but slightly different because the logo actually is a 'Q,' which stands for the great borough of Queens. If folks had really analyzed it, they would have seen it,' Monserrate says.

Monserrate is running in a special election next week in an effort to win his seat back. He was expelled from the state Senate last month after a misdemeanor domestic assault conviction. Fellow Democrat, Assemblyman Jose Peralta, is also running and has the support of the city's party leaders.

There is more on this special election here.