An Anti-Valentine's Day Celebration: "Same sex-elujah!"

Rev. Billy, the former preacher turned activist/comic performer celebrated Valentine's Day this year by holding a group "unmarrying" ceremony for couples in Central Park. The event, staged by the reverend's Church of Life after Shopping, was meant to send a message to New York's legislators who did not pass a same-sex marriage bill last year when it came up for a vote.

Rev. Billy's Web site says the mass event was meant to support the rights of "ALL people to marry whomever they wish."

"Same sex-elujah!" Rev. Billy shouted at the more than fifty couples who gathered at Central Park's Bethesda Angel Sunday afternoon.

The couples, some married some not yet married, "broke their vows" and promised not to get officially hitched until gay marriage becomes legalized.

Rev. Billy's Web site is calling for a moratorium on all weddings, "Until gay weddings are legalized and California Prop. 8 is overturned."

Below is a video from the event.