City Kids Say "Snow, Why Bother?"

You'd think New York City's decision to cancel school on Wednesday because of the expected snowstorm would create mass excitement among kids about snowballs and sledding and the rest of the hoopla that goes with the words 'snow day.'

But at P.S. 9 in Crown Heights, a few young Brooklynites weren't so impressed.

'I think is going to be fun, but also bad because there's gonna be a lot of commotion going on,' said 11-year-old Jayla Reid.

Commotion? Doesn't everything stop in the snow? 'I know, but still people are going to be going all over the place and buying salt and it's going to be really, really messy,' Jayla continued.

Her friends were equally blasé.

'We think that the snow is kind of bad because when they put the snow down we can't play in it and also... the dogs pee in there,' said fifth-grader Tia Williams.

'It's really disgusting,' squealed her classmates.

'Me and my friend Destiny, we live in the same building and we both might go play in the snow, but I think it's not going to be fun, though. It's going to be snowing hard,' said Madison Silvers.

'By the time we get out there tomorrow most of the snow is gonna be shoveled and it's going to have dirt in it and nobody wants to play in dirty snow,' said 10-year-old Maitay Cattouse. 'It's just gonna be like a messy day outside, the cars are gonna be splashing the snow, it's just going to be a messy day outside. But I can't wait to go in the snow. I'll probably go out early so like I can get a good snowball of the good snow.'

Maybe these 10- and 11-year-olds are more jaded than the younger crowd. Six-year-old Seraphina Cumberbatch had happy thoughts about Wednesday. 'I throw snowballs and I make snowman!'
Six-year old Mekhi McCoy looks forward to a snow day.

Six-year old Mekhi McCoy looks forward to a snow day.

'I feel like I want to go on my sled,' said six-year-old Mekhi McCoy. 'Maybe we go to the park, if not we have a little hot chocolate, hot tea, a donut in the house,' said his father, Maurice McCoy.

Now that's the spirit!