Groundhog Day: Mike vs. Chuck vs. Phil

At the Staten Island Zoo earlier this morning, it was Mayor Bloomberg versus groundhog Chuck once again for the big annual winter tradition:

A camera-shy Chuck did not see his shadow, so, according to tradition, Spring is coming soon.

Addressing the crowd full of families with small children, the mayor reminded everyone what happened last year:

"The only thing that stood between Chuck and you getting bitten was my finger," Bloomberg said. "I have a scar to prove how much I love one of the five best boroughs we have."

Unlike last year, Chuck didn't have any differences with Mayor Bloomberg this time, and refrained from biting the mayor's finger. The mayor was given boxing gloves, just in case.

Staten Island Chuck and Puxatawney Phil aren't seeing beady little eye to beady little eye when it comes to forecasting spring's return, though. The two groundhogs had different predictions.

Phil, doing his prediction work in Pennsylvania, did see his shadow, forecasting another six weeks of winter. The two furry friends have had differences of opinion before, including last Groundhog Day.