After 35 Years, Moving Day for Robert Morgenthau

District Attorney Robert Morgenthau has been in office since 1975 -- and he’s literally been in the same offices for all those years.

As anyone who has moved after a very long time knows, it can be quite a task.

This week, the eighth floor at 1 Hogan Place was full of boxes and semi-empty walls, with some still-hanging photographs from different stages of Morgenthau’s life and career. Some were tagged with his Post-Its bearing his initials, as a reminder that they were not city property.

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The building itself is an interesting mix of different parts of the last century, with art deco touches, but the offices of the D.A. are 1970’s all the way -- with wood paneling, fluorescent lights, and conference tables that look like they were purchased when Abe Beame was mayor.

No word yet if the new D.A., Cyrus Vance Jr., plans to remodel.

After 35 years on the job, Morgenthau has plenty of stories to tell. Click below to listen to the departing D.A. as he recollects one instance where he was able to side-step bureaucracy in the pre-computer era (shortly after he was first elected).