NYS Businesses Don't Like Reid Healthcare Bill

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The Business Council of New York State has a sharply critical statement on the US Senate's health-care bill:

“Throughout the legislative process The Business Council has called on New York’s representatives to look at health-care reform through a 'New York lens'. This bill instead hurts New Yorkers,” said [BCNYS President Kenneth] Adams.

Aside from the swipe at New York's emissaries in Washington, the Council also echoes Gov. Paterson's earlier statement that the bill could cost New York State upwards of $1 billion. (The reasons are complex, but it boils down to the fact that New York has already hit a limit in the number of medicaid recipients it can enroll, while many other states have not.)

Earlier in the month, Paterson launched a letter writing campaign to cajole Senators Schumer and Gillibrand into getting changes to favor New York written into the bill.