Members of the 9/11 Commission Discuss Future Trial

This morning WNYC's Brian Lehrer discussed the controversial decision to try accused 9/11 planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a Manhattan civilian court. Joining Brian were former NJ Governor Tom Kean and Richard Ben-Veniste, members of the 9/11 Commission.

Kean says a civilian trial will give Mohammed a global stage. "A better way to do it would be to do it would be in a military court that does not give him the kind of publicity he is seeking and does not allow him to talk in a public court, hopefully for the applause of Bin Ladin and people like him around the world," he says.

Ben-Veniste took an opposing point of view. "The American justice system is up to the task. No one says it is going to be easy or without increased security requirements and the possibility of another attack."

The trials are several months off. The US Department of Justice must still give Congress a 45 day notice before bringing Guantanamo suspects stateside.

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