Paterson: Hug Just a Hug

Governor Paterson says observers are misinterpreting the body language and facial expressions that were on display at his meeting yesterday with President Obama.

"Someone says he turned his back on the press because he didn't want them to see him hug me. But I was facing the press. How could he have hugged me without turning his back on the press. And I'm really glad that he didn't."

Paterson says he believes the president acted graciously towards him during the visit.

"I thought he was gracious to me. he spoke to me, he asked me how i was feeling, he expressed a little chagrin about the process in this situation."

Paterson's remarks came in the wake of news reports that the White House is pressuring the governor to drop out of the race and make room for the more popular Andrew Cuomo to lead the 2010 ticket.