Guide: City Council District 10

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Map of the district

The Candidates:

NAME: Manny Velazquez
BIO: Velazquez is a middle school teacher and Chair of Community Board 12 and is campaigning around vocational schools, rent laws, transportation improvements, and a new community center. He also wants to reestablish community school districts.
MONEY RAISED: Private Funds: $38,412 Public Funds: $55,200

NAME: Richard Realmuto
BIO: Lawyer Richard Realmuto is the only non-hispanic candidate in the 10th District. Some of his top issues are the establishment of charter schools, more job opportunities, and financial accountability in the City Council.
MONEY RAISED: Private Funds: $7,431 Public Funds: $38,670

NAME: Luis Facundo
BIO: Architect Luis Facundo is Vice President of the Inwood-Marble Hill Chamber of Commerce and has been a member of Community Board 12. His focus is on the economy: helping small businesses, and creating jobs and affordable housing. He also wants to open the schools at night, so local kids have a place to go.
MONEY RAISED: Private Funds: $27,269

NAME: Ydanis Rodriguez
BIO: Gregorio Luperon High School teacher Ydanis Rodriguez helped found the Gregorio Luperon High School and is a teacher there. He’s got the most endorsements, has raised the most money in this race, and is running for the third time. He wants to help small businesses, local schools, residents of neglected rental buildings, and people without healthcare.
MONEY RAISED: Private Funds: $94,764 Public Funds: $88,550
MAJOR ENDORSEMENTS: Working Families Party, State Senator Eric Schneiderman, State Senator Bill Perkins, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

NAME: Ruben Dario Vargas
BIO: Ruben Dario Vargas works for the NYPD and is a retired Air Force and Navy veteran. The issue he lists as most important with the Campaign Finance Board is traffic congestion.
MONEY RAISED: Private Funds: $12,190 Public Funds: $56,310

NAME: Francesca Marisol Castellanos
BIO: Castellanos is a Spanish interpreter and former City employee and community organizer. The lack of decent affordable housing and high commercial rents are some of her top issues.
MONEY RAISED: Private Funds: $14,150 Public Funds: $75,240

NAME: Cleofis Sarete
BIO: Sarete is a teacher and wants to address overcrowding in schools and bring better programs to students who are not doing well in school.
MONEY RAISED: Private Funds: $9,371

NAME: Francisco Spies
BIO: Spies is a caseworker with the Human Resources Administration of the City of New York. He is financing his own campaign and wants to limit how much money people can spend on campaigns, require elections for Board of Elections commissioners and create a vocational school.