Democratic Faceoff in the Manhattan D.A.'s Race

The three Democratic candidates running to succeed long time Manhattan District Attorney Bob Morgenthau faced off at a debate at the CUNY Graduate Center today.

Cyrus Vance, Lesley Crocker Snyder, and Richard Aborn all competed to make their case that they were each "progressive." Topics ranged from alternatives to incarceration to race and policing. All three were asked to comment on the current interplay between federal immigration policy and local policing. All three candidates expressed concern that local police needed to steer clear of enforcing federal immigration law. They said that can make undocumented residents afraid of authorities they fail to report crimes or provide leads for the police.

All called for more aggressive enforcement aimed at drivers who text and use a hand held cell phones.

Vance has been endorsed by DA Morgenthau, Snyder by several police unions and Aborn by the Working Families Party. The primary election is September 15th.