Jane Jacobs Way

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A block of Hudson Street in the West Village has been named "Jane Jacobs Way" in honor of the urban planning activist who fought to preserve the neighborhood by campaigning for sidewalks and against highways.
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says Jacobs' spirit and vision are alive and relevant to today's New York.

It's so appropriate for the street naming today because it says so much of where this city is headed and how we're going to get there and how we're going to figure out how we build our neighborhoods, change our skyline, in a way that's also going to promote and protect these wonderful neighborhoods.

Jacobs lived between West 11th and Perry Streets on Hudson Street. She wrote about the block in her 1961 book "The Death and Life of Great American Cities."

Doris Diether, who worked alongside Jacobs, was also honored at the street-naming. Diether has served on Community Board 2 since 1964, which makes her Manhattan's longest-serving community board member.

Reporting by Rachel Senatore