Transparency Addicts, Start Clicking

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is the newest entrant in the stimulus tracking sweepstacks, with Open Book New York. The site lets you find the names of stimulus contractors and what theyr'e doing, but only to a point -- where money goes through a local government, the money trail stops there. You can also go Governor Paterson's RecoveryNY for a map of projects and information on spending -- but be warned, it's none too easy on the eyes. Andrew Cuomo has his Project Sunlight which aggregates all kinds of data on companies and non-profits -- contributions, member items, contracts, lobbying data -- but doesn't tag stimulus contracts. And if you do want info on CITY projects, don't go to any of those'll find some stuff on NYCstat on -- BUT, don't hunt to hard. Billions have been "obligated," not much has been contracted, or spent.