Senate Holds Session, Takes No Action

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statecapitolAll 62 of New York's state senators met together for the first time in three weeks, because a judge had ordered them to do so. But the feuding Democrats and Republicans failed to act on any of the key measures due to expire at the end of the day.

Democrats, who had decided to obey the judge's orders, began the session at 10. Republicans who had been appealing the order, then filed in, much to the Democrats' surprise. They later explained that a stay of the judge's ruling had been denied. After arguing back and forth over who had authority to adjourn the session, the session was gaveled out a mere 20 minutes after it had began. From the floor, Dean Skelos, one of the June 8th coup leaders, called for public meeting so that both sides could air grievances. Senate Democrats had other plans for noon. They intended to hold a regular Senate session. Republicans are not expected to attend that meeting

Listen in on the Senate session: