After Stonewall, New York is Welcoming... What About Other Cities?

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Emily Reese, 27, is from a small town in New Mexico. She is an out lesbian currently living in New York City. Here she reflects on growing up gay in New Mexico, where it wasn't okay to be out, even decades after Stonewall.

"As a kid, I wasn't really aware of gay people. I didn't really have that in my upbringing, or in my community. Or at least not that was open..."

Shannon Mims, 25, grew up in Harlem, NY and says she feels that the Stonewall riots didn't affect as much change as people think. Mims says that the riots helped give voice to a certain group of gay people, not to all gay people.

Have you had a similar experience growing up or recently? Share and post your thoughts below.

Reporting by Alana Rigal