Full Steam Ahead-New Yankee Stadium Station

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yankeeYankee's pitcher David Cone and catcher Jorge Posado joined Mayor Bloomberg for today's unveiling of the new 153rd Street Station Metro North station at Yankee Stadium. The station is a 10 minute ride from Grand Central and provides express service to and from Poughkeepsie and New Haven. The mayor says the Yankees have that over the Mets.

The $91 million project was completed in just two years but in the meantime the old Yankee stadium is still standing and the new replacement parks are still not completed. The mayor says the city is trying to dismantle the the old stadium, but due to environmental issues and oil tanks found underground, there are complications.

The first train to the new Yankees - East 153rd Street Station leaves Grand Central on Saturday at 5:58 am.

This is the first new railway line to open in the Bronx in decades.

One way peak time tickets to the stadium will cost $6.50, weekends $3.25, and mid-days $5.00.