Got a Poem In Your Pocket?

It's Poem in Your Pocket Day and lyrical verses are being recited all over the city. In Bryant Park this afternoon, students from all five boroughs read poems they penned themselves. Fourteen-year-old Anais McCalaster goes to the Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts. She read her poem "Where I'm from."

Some of the poems were light hearted rhymes, while others took serious turns. Eleventh grader Rahad Gul read a poem inspired by his war-torn homeland, Pakistan. It's called "My Other Home:"

The city's diverse student population was reflected in the subject matter. Fourteen year old Naomi Castillo read a poem called "it's not just Puerto Rico."

Many people in the park stopped to listen to the poems as they walked through Bryant Park. Charlie Frankenboch was surprised and thrilled to find the event.

Nora Mannucci stumbled upon the reading after a dentist appointment. She was happily surprised to hear the young poets.

Others in the park were handing out poems to passers-by on little slips of paper. Today is the last day of National Poetry month.