Mayor: I've Assembled Furniture from Kits

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Mayor Bloomberg was in the Bronx this morning, helping open a Home Depot at the new Gateway Center mall. The Home Depot will provide 200 of the mall's 2100 jobs. Asked if he ever did any home repairs himself, the billionaire said -- with a touch of nostalgia, and a little umbrage -- that he doesn't have much time for that anymore.

'But when I came to New York I built the shelves on the wall for the books, I painted my apartment every year myself. Assembled all the furniture from kits. Yes, of course I did that.'

The mayor even deigned to wear an orange Home Depot apron. But when asked, before a photo op involving the ceremonial sawing of a wood plank, if he'd wear goggles, he said the last guy to do something like that was Michael Dukakis. (The Massachusetts Democrat's presidential bid tanked after he was photographed IN a tank, wearing a helmet... not goggles.)