The Pulitzers Now Include Online News Organizations

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When Columbia University announces the winners of the 2009 Pulitzer Prizes later today, online news organizations may be among the recipients of what many consider the highest honor in American print journalism. For the first time, the prizes will include Web sites that produce original news reporting.

Sig Gissler is the administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes.

Gissler says the Pulitzer Board aims to continue to "monitor the impact of the Internet."

But some of the biggest names in the online business -- like Salon, Slate, and Talking Points Memo -- did not apply because the editors there did not know they qualified.

Still, the Pulitzer's inclusion of online newspapers means organizations that have stopped publishing dead-tree versions of their coverage -- like the Christian Science Monitor's daily edition, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Kentucky Post -- will remain competitive in the prestigious prizes.

If you missed this morning's report by NPR's David Gura, you can listen to it here.