NJ Tea Party

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

taxteapartySeveral hundred anti-tax activists braved the rain to protest on the historic Morristown Green both state and federal tax policy. Across the country, April 15th, the federal tax deadline, has been designated as a day of national protest. In New Jersey the movement got particular traction because this year Democratic Governor Jon Corzine is in a tough battle for re-election in which the state's property taxes and state spending are central issues.

The Daily Show interviewing Tea Party participants

The Daily Show interviewing Tea Party participants


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.....and by the way, I have met people of all walks of life at the 2 HUGE T.E.A. parties I attended in Morristown, NJ. they were both much larger than reported. In the few thousands not several hundreds. this was another attmept to diminish the movement that is taking place. There are republicans democrats, independents, out of work executives and blue collar grunts like myself. Men, women, children, LEGAL immigrants who love this country and Bush haters who voted for Obamanomics and now realize the mistake they made. A REAL and POWERFUL conservative movement is coming. Call it whatever you want but it is "FOR THE PEOPLE" and organized "BY THE PEOPLE" The majority is silent no more!!

Jul. 10 2009 10:34 PM

You sir are an IGNORANT!! The "American Dream" is all about taking risks and reaping it's rewards if your lucky enough. I agree everyone deserves the American dream but not everyone accomplishes it!! You would be a fool if you thought everyone could...but then again that depends on your definition. We live in the greatest country in the world. Thats why everyone comes here. Instead of being envious of those who have more than you, why dont you just enjoy the opportunity to live in the USA and show your support for the dream that was created by our fore fathers by shutting up and enjoying what you have!! For the record, I am a hard working blue collar white male with a family and 2 full time jobs. I work hard to have what many would consider by today's standards not very much. BUT, I love this country and what it stands for and you should too. Stop looking for the Government to take from the rich and give to you so you can have more. If we are not careful the government will own us all then there will be no true hard working middle class. Just the rich royalty politicians and thier extended families and the poor who will break thier backs and give 70% of thier money to the government to fuel the MONSTER that it is becoming. If this happens, the people will speak!! D.C. better start paying attention to the silent no more majority because there are too many people like myselft that have been doing things the right way and never get anything but continuously taxed by the government.

Jul. 10 2009 10:27 PM
Truth and Justice

You know people claim that they are patriotic and they want to be kept safe while keeping their freedom. Unfortunately that freedom comes at a price. This tea party BS is nothing more then a mockery of an important historical event. Furthermore the only people protecting freedom are the soldiers of this country. The men and women who come back and find that they can’t find a job. This country has forgotten about customer service. Companies and entrepreneurs have decided to produce lesser products and services while charging ridiculous prices in order to get rich quick. That is the real reason we are all in this mess. This is not patriotism or the American dream that some people claim it is. This is nothing more then greed. You want to be free? then this country has to pay for it on a whole and if lower class and the poor can not pay( which any moron would know that if they can get jobs then they can’t pay, and don’t give me that “they are just lazy crap”) then the rest of the country either has to step up and do it. It is either that or just let the U.S.A. be come another third world country. Funny though I see many people protesting this now when they should have been protesting years ago to prevent this.

Apr. 19 2009 11:19 AM

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