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George Steinbrenner in the Media

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Yankees owner George Steinbrenner will be remembered as a controversial figure in the baseball world, who brought the Bronx Bombers 7 World Series wins and radically drove the increase in player salaries.

But he also made his mark in the entertainment world, playing himself in multiple commercials and a movie (Albert Brooks' The Scout). And, of course, there's his recurring role in Seinfeld.

What moments do you remember that we are leaving out?

Probably his biggest presence in pop culture is his character on Seinfeld, voiced by Larry David.

In this clip, the Steinbrenner character tells George Costanza about all the Yankees he's fired over the years.

Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner (or their clay likenesses) also star in this Lipton Brisk Iced Tea commercial. For those of you freaked out by claymation, avert your eyes because the clay sweat on Babe Ruth's clay brow is truly bizzare.

After Derek Jeter and George Steinbrenner sparred in the media over Jeter's personal life, the two appeared in a Visa commercial in which Steinbrenner criticizes Jeter for partying too much.

A public dust-up in 1991 saw Steinbrenner benching Don Mattingly for refusing to trim his mullet. The Simpson's took that one on in the "Homor at Bat" episode.

In the 1970's, Steinbrenner appeared with Yankees manager Billy Martin in a Miller Beer commercial. After arguing over whether the beer tastes great or is, you guessed it, less filling, Steinbrenner fires Martin. The commercial also aired in a dubbed version in which Steinbrenner says "You're hired." instead of "You're fired."