NOAA and the Whale

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This morning at 8 a.m., a 30-foot humpback whale was spotted in a shipping lane near the Verrazano Bridge. While the Coast Guard cleared the shipping lanes, the humpback took a detour to Coney Island. Terry Frady with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA) says it's not that unusual to see a whale this far north. It is the migration season and many whales are coming up from their winter stays in the Caribbean. But when whales get this close to harbors it can be dangerous. She offered this advice to would be whale watchers.

Make sure you stay a good distance away so that you're not in any way harming the whale or interfering with people that might be trying to do the assessment.

Frady says the whale has no apparent injuries, but is slightly underweight and has an unknown skin condition. She says the whale is heading south again and should be fine.